Well Hello There!

February 28th, 2020

Hi my name is George Stark. I have been working in software development for over 20 years and leading software development teams delivering software for over 10 years. I am passionate about building great software and great software teams.

This blog is for everyone that needs to lead software teams in delivering software. This could be the experienced development manager right through to the person that has just been given a bunch of developers to manage for the first time and doesn’t know where to start.

This blog will the following core elements required for teams developing great software:

  • Team: The right people in your development team and understanding the roles and responsibilities required to create great software, along with how to get poorly performing teams (or team members) back on track.
  • Process / Methodology: This boils down to having the right playbook and ground rules that the team follow in working together to build great software.
  • Engineering Quality: Making sure your team has the correct software engineering processes / standards in place and that the entire team takes responsibility for the quality of the software they develop.
  • Customer centricity: Ensuring the voice of your customer is heard loud and clear and keeping them informed and engaged in the development process.

My personal goal for this blog is two fold. Firstly, I would like to distil the experience I have gained over my career and I feel writing a blog will achieve this and help me improve my writing skills along the way. Secondly, I hope that this information can be useful to folks out there that need to lead software projects or teams and will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that are present in this endeavour.